About Us

The Bridgelin Platform was developed and is maintained by NaberNet Inc.

NaberNet was incorporated in 2004 to build Community Websites. The founders, Tony Bolla and John Marano, had already established two sites, and, which were folded into the new company.

One of the first measures we took was to develop a software application that would make it easier to build and maintain these community sites. A key design decision was that all the modules be integrated and that it be possible to share content between websites.

With this feature in place, we made the technology available to local volunteer organizations, in return for access to their content for their community sites, providing additional exposure in return.

The decision was then made to sell the technology to local business organizations which ultimately led to making further improvements to the platform, such as Membership Management. It also meant a transformation into a software company from a website publishing company with the addition of programming and support capabilities.

The company is located in Vaughan, Ontario and serves hundreds of clients around Ontario and the US market.

Nabernet remains committed to its origins of fostering vibrant communities by providing a technology that makes it possible for all sectors of a community to become more effective, efficient and integrated.

In keeping with its pioneering spirit, NaberNet has developed an innovative and unique business model that enables the following vision:


A vibrant community of communities, integrated by a commonly-owned, self-governed technology.