Modules: Directory Management


Your online Directory will be one your members and public use most. It's easy to use, with lots to see, and all the important stuff accessible like maps, online coupons and much, much more. Behind the scenes, you have a permissioning system that lets you share the workload of keeping your directory accurate and up-to-date. 

How It Works

The Bridgelin Directory is powerful! It's unlike any other Directory Management software on the market. It is comprised of two components:

  • The Directory
  • The Listing

The Directory

The Directory employs a very simple two-tiered structure that can accommodate virtually any requirement:

  • Sections that contain Categories
  • Categories that contain Listings

Sections can also be used to organize time-sensitive content, namely Events, Articles, and Galleries.

Listings are organized in alphabetical order and can appear in more than one Category. They can be shown in one of two ways:

  • Basic (name, address, phone and logo only)
  • Highlighted (or Expanded) with a link to the Listing Profile or Main page

You can also Feature a Listing which simply places it at the top of the Category, as well as in its alphabetic position.

Managing your Directory is easy and can be undertaken one Listing at a time or in bulk. You create the structure that provides the best value for you, the Listing owner, and the site visitor.

The Directory also has its own Search function, which can locate Listings based on Name, Address, Phone Number, Content and Keywords. 

The Listing

A Bridgelin Listing is perhaps best described as a microsite within your organization's site. It includes:

  • Profile page
  • Map
  • Specials (Online Coupons)
  • Image Gallery
  • Time-sensitive Content
  • Extra Pages

Access to a specific Listing can be provided to the Listing owner so that you can share the workload and ensure the optimum site visitor experience. This is a very popular choice amongst membership organizations.

The Profile or Main page would be the equivalent of the Home page and includes:

  • Contact info, logo and separate Navigation Bar (which appear on all Listing Pages)
  • About Us information
  • Related links
  • Hours of Operation
  • Category Links

The next page is the Map, a Google map based on the address information included in the Listing.

Then there is a Specials Page which lists all the Specials/Online Coupons being offered> Coupons can be graphic, if available, or simply text – and have posting and archiving dates so they only appear when they should. All the Specials on your site can also be consolidated onto one page so that your visitors can see them all at a glance.

If a Listing has an active Special, a SAVE icon appears in the Navigation Bar and beside the Category Listing.

Next comes the Image Gallery, where the Listing owner can place any number of images with captions (images that enlarge when clicked) which can be used to showcase products, samples of work dome, etc.

Time-sensitive Content associated to the Listing will appears as blurbs under the appropriate heading.

Any number of extra pages can be added at any time, with the full functionality of the platform's HTML editor so that you can post text, images, videos and more.

A key distinction of the Bridgelin Directory Listing is that it can be shared with other Bridgelin websites providing added exposure without any added effort on your part.