Modules: Event Registration

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Who's coming? Who's paid? Now you can answer those questions just by clicking your mouse. Integrated with the Event Calendar in your Content Management module, you design the Registration Form to collect the information you want, including online payment of registration fees. 

How it Works

Here's what happens once your Registration Form is set up:

  • When a registrant submits the Registration Form (including payment info if applicable) they have the option to complete another registration or finish.
  • When they are finished, they are taken to the Confirmation Page where they are shown the total amount payable and asked to click the link (if applicable).
  • They are automatically taken to your PayPal account where the total amount has been prepared and they have the option to pay with a major credit card (or their PayPal account if they have one).
  • Once the payment process is complete they are returned to your website.
  • The registrant will receive a Confirmation Email that verifies that the form has been completed.
  • You will receive a Notification Email indicating the form was completed, including all the data collected by the form.
  • If the registrant completed the payment process on PayPal they will receive a receipt from PayPal in their email. You will receive a Notification Email from PayPal as well. And the registration will be marked as Paid.
  • All the information contained in the form will be deposited in a database for that Event. You will find this under the Submissions tab in your Events Module.
  • At any time you can update the database with any offline payments you receive, including the type of payment (cheque, cash) and any notes (eg cheque number).
  • On the Event Registration Summary Page you will see totals for the Event as well as for All Events, including number of registrants, amount registered and status of payment(s).
  • At any time you can download the data as a csv file that can be opened in Excel.