Modules: Newsletter

Start spreading the news!

Email is one of the best ways to push your website content out to your audience and the Bridgelin Newsletter module makes the whole process effortless. Use web content to build your newsletter and broadcast it out to a list that is integrated with your Directory and the backend Data Management module.

How It Works

The Newsletter Module consists of the following components:

  • Email List Management
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Broadcasting
  • Reporting

Email List Management

This component does just as its name suggests, enabling you to manage your email list. It is integrated with the Directory and the Data Management modules so there is no duplication of effort.

Email addresses can be added directly to the Newsletter Module individually or in bulk. There is an optional sub-component that enables site visitors to add themselves to your list. When that happens, your website administrator receives an email notification. Of course people can unsubscribe at any time. Your email list can also be easily organized into groups.

Newsletter Creation

The Newsletter Creation component is designed to make it fast and easy to set up your Newsletter. A simple template is already in place to which you can add or update your masthead.

There is an HTML editor which you can use to prepare your entire newsletter, just the lead-in, or not at all.

A real time-saver is the ability to use the content of your website to construct the newsletter. You can simply select any number of Events, Articles, or Galleries and the relevant blurbs are then added to your Newsletter in the order your prefer.

If you want to tie things off, there is an extra HTML editor at the bottom of the Newsletter for that purpose.

You also prepare your subject line and can add personalization if you like. The new Newsletter is immediately available in the archive on the Newsletter page.


Ready to send your Newsletter? First select who is to receive the Newsletter, where you have the following options

  • Everyone on your list
  • Everyone except certain groups
  • Only certain groups

The system will then populate theinformation from your default settings.

Now choose the Newsletter you wish to send from your Newsletter Inventory/Archive. The subject line is created as well as a text version on the Newsletter for those people who cannot receive HTML emails.

You also have the option to send a straight text message, or even an HTML email not created by the system, if you so choose. We like to keep your options open.

Then pressand watch as each email is sent out individually (as opposed to bulk which can be regarded as spam).


Once the Newsletter broadcast is complete you can check out the Reporting section of the Newsletter module. This is where the results are tabulated. Select the Newsletter you wish to review and it will show you which addresses have opened the Newsletter and which haven't, as well as providing totals. Do give it some time, though, so people have a chance to get through their inboxes.