Modules: Advertising

Let the banners fly!

Draw attention to your sponsors or your own promotions and track the results. There's a whole menu of placement and positioning options so you can put together the program that will get you and your sponsors the best results! 

How It Works

The Advertising or Sponsorship module requires that the Directory module be activated. This is because the Listing serves to track all statistics.

Did you know you can offer a much better visitor experience if you have your Advertising link to the Sponsor's Profile right in your own site? This ensures a consistent presentation of information and overcomes the fact that some Listing Owners have websites and others do not.

There are two main considerations that must be addressed when deciding on your sponsorship policy:

  • Ad location
  • Ad placement

Location refers to where the ad will appear on the page. Placement refers to the pages it will appear on.

There are 4 advertising locations:

  • Masthead (right side) (1 position only)
  • Centre of content area (1 position only)
  • Left column (10 postions)
  • Right column (10 positions)

Placement options include:

  • All pages (run-of-site)
  • Home Page only
  • All pages but the Home Page
  • Specific pages (such as a specific Section or Category page)

Each position will accommodate more than one ad, which are then presented in random fashion ensuring equal impressions.

The multi-position columns also rotate the ad positions so that all ads receive equal exposure at different positions over time (top, middle, bottom, etc.). The exception to this are column ads placed on specific pages, which remain at the top of the column.

The system tracks the following statistics, for both individual ads and the overall campaign:

  • Number of impressions
  • Number of ad clicks
  • Number of Profile page visits

Each ad includes a link and that link can be made to go anywhere, including offsite if appropriate. However, as noted above, we strongly recommend that whenever possible the visitor be kept on your site and the ad link to the sponsors Profile page.

Individual ads can be de-activated and re-activated at any time.

The module requires the creation of artwork. This can be done by anyone who has graphic skills and the necessary graphics programs.