Modules: Membership Management (MMS)

Membership has its privileges!

As a member-based organization your primary responsibility is to address the needs of your members. The less time you spend doing administration the more time you can spend at providing member value. The Bridgelin Membership Management module (aka MMS) brings full automation to the renewal process including online invoicing and payment processing. The module is fully integrated with your Directory and QuickBooks so there is no duplication of effort. You'll be working at optimum efficiency.

How It Works

The Membership Management module (MMS) is based on DMS, which is integrated with Directory which in turn is integrated with the Email list. Taa Daa! Duplication of effort is eliminated.

The system accommodates both Fixed and Anniversary renewal policies. Fixed also accommodates proportionate billing for new, mid-year members. The system can also accommodate both Individual as well as Organizational memberships.

The system will track members through various status designations, namely:

    • Prospect
    • Applicant
    • New
    • Active
    • Lapsed
    • Declined

Any number of Membership types can be handled through the Membership Rate Card component, where types and rates are posted and can be updated year over year.

When renewing an active member, the system automatically generates an online invoice at the appropriate time and with all the appropriate information. You simply review the prepared invoices then hit Send. Your members receive a custom email message with a link to their online invoice, which they can print and return with a cheque  or they can pay right then and there, online, using their credit card – which automatically updates the payment status as well.

New member invoices work in much the same manner.

If you elect to subscribe to the QuickBooks integration component, all this information (membership data, invoicing information and payment details) will be automatically transferred to your QuickBooks.