Modules: Forms & Surveys

Ask and you shall receive!

Versatile is the best way to describe this module. Use it for contest entries, business award nominations, membership applications, surveys. From gathering opinions to nominations to event registrations -- this is the module that does it all for you!  

How It Works

Any Freestanding Page can be turned into a form, simply by clicking the Add Form button.

You have a menu of field types to choose from (any field can be made mandatory) including:

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Dropdowns
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Date Pickers
  • File Upload

You can also add items and prices which immediately integrates with PayPal so that you can accept online payments. (NOTE: The system can be customized to work with other online payment mechanisms. However a customization charge may apply.)

You then compose your Thank You page and Confirmation email and you are ready to go!

Anytime someone completes the form they receive an email confirmation and you receive a notification with all the data. If an online payment has been processed you will also receive a notification from PayPal and they will receive a receipt.

All the data is collected in an easily accessible database where you can review the information at any time. The information can also be readily downloaded to a spreadsheet.