Modules: Hosting, Email & Domain

To Serve and Protect

All Bridgelin modules are available only on the Bridgelin servers. Our servers are state of the art, located in one of Canada's premier data centres with every measure taken to ensure optimum up time, including hardening against hack attacks. Backups are performed daily should there ever be the need for a full restore for your site. 

Your Hosting and Maintenance includes management of your primary domain name, the setup, and maintenance of all your email accounts.  

How It Works

The Bridgelin Platform is a fully supported, hosted service which means we take care of all your online requirements.

Your hosting, email and domains can be some of the most troublesome aspects of your online presence if not handled properly. We work hard to ensure you are well served.

It starts with your domain name:

We help you select it and register it. If you already have a domain we work with you to ensure it will be pointed in the right direction when it's time for your new Bridgelin website to go live. We don't have to be your registrar but you will find it more convenient if we are.

Next comes your email accounts:

Your new site requires a number of standard emails to be setup, such as confirmation and notification emails. We take care of those right from the start. Then there are the email addresses for you and your staff which we set up in the best way for your requirements, either as forwarded or stand-alone accounts. Once again, you can manage this type of thing yourself or through your existing providers.

PayPal is the default payment mechanism for the Bridgelin Platform:

We will help you set up a PayPal account if you don't already have one. If you prefer another payment mechanism put us in touch with their tech people and we will let you know what will be involved to integrate with their service. It should be straightforward as we took this option into account when we designed the system.