Modules: Private Members Area

What's the password!

While the accessibility of the Internet is part of its advantage, you still want to control who sees what. With a password protected private area the only ones to get in are the ones you want in. Logins are individualized for optimum control. Users who have other access permissions use the same login for optimum ease-of-use. 

How It Works

In simplest terms, your Private Members Area is a second website with password protection added. You manage the Private Members Area the same way you do your main site, from the same location, using the same login information. As long as you are not using any modules that you don't already have you are simply charged for the access controls.

You have full control over who has access to the Private Area. You can add subtract people at any time. As it is one of our standard permissions, you can also provide them additional capabilities as warranted.

The username is always an email address, ensuring it's unique and easily remembered. If someone forgets their password they simply click a link and get the information they need in their inbox.

Of course, because of the Sharing capability of our system, any information that should appear in both the Public and Private Areas can be accommodated without duplication of effort.