Modules: Overview

The Bridgelin Platform is designed as a series of Integrated Modules. Just get the modules you need as you need them. New modules are being developed all the time. We can build you a custom module if your needs demand it. 

Standard or custom-made, all Bridgelin modules are fully integrated with each other. That means no duplication of effort on your part. Now you're on your way to a smooth and streamlined work process.

Below are brief descriptions of our most popular Standard Modules.

Content Management

Content is King!

The foundation of any website is content. You want lots of it and you want to keep it fresh and engaging. The Bridgelin Content Management module makes posting, organizing, and maintaining your own content as easy as can be. In addition to the standard pages, you can build an Event Calendar, a News Section as well as Photo and Video Galleries. And this is all integrated with the Newsletter and Directory modules for added benefit. Wow!


Directory Management


Your online Directory will be one that your members and public use most. It's easy to use, with lots to see, and all the important stuff accessible like maps, online coupons and much, much more. Behind the scenes, you have a permissioning system that lets you share the workload of keeping your directory accurate and up-to-date.



Let the banners fly!

Draw attention to your sponsors or your own promotions and track the results. There's a whole menu of placement and positioning options so you can put together the program that will get you and your sponsors the best results!



Start spreading the news!

Email is one of the best ways to push your website content out to your audience and the Bridgelin Newsletter module makes the whole process effortless. Use web content to build your newsletter and broadcast it out to a list that is integrated with your Directory and the backend Data Management module.


Event Registration

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Who's coming? Who's paid? Now you can answers those questions just by clicking your mouse. Integrated with the Event Calendar in your Content Management module, you design the form to collect the information you want, including online payment of registration fees.


Forms & Surveys

Ask and you shall receive!

Versatile is the best way to describe this module. Use it for contest entries, business award nominations, membership applications, surveys. From gathering opinions to nominations to event registrations -- this is the module that does it all for you. 


Private Area

Psst. What's the password!

While the accessibility of the Internet is part of its advantage, you still want to control who sees what. With a password protected private area the only ones to get in are the ones you want in. Logins are individualized for optimum control. Users who have other access permissions use the same login for optimum ease-of-use.


Data Management

Who's who and what's what!

No matter what kind of organization you are running it probably has many relationships: members, suppliers, prospects, staff, volunteers and so on. The Bridgelin Data Management module (aka DMS) is a unique and innovative way to manage the people and organizations in your sphere. 


Membership Management

Membership has its privileges!

As a member-based organization your primary responsibility is to address the needs of your members. The less time you spend doing administration the more time you can spend at providing member value. The Bridgelin Membership Management module (aka MMS) brings full automation to the renewal process including online invoicing and payment processing. The module is fully integrated with your Directory and QuickBooks so there is no duplication of effort. You'll be working at optimum efficiency.


Custom Modules

Made to Order!

If you have a highly specialized need we can build you a custom module. And at a fraction of the cost it would take to build something from scratch and in much less time. We'll sit down with you to determine your precise requirements and then prepare a specification outline and a firm quote.


Hosting, Email, and Domain

To Serve and Protect

All Bridgelin modules are only available on the Bridgelin servers so we can ensure optimal performance and reliability of the servers and the software. (This arrangement is also known as software as a service or SaaS). Your Hosting and Maintenance includes management of your primary domain name, the setup and maintenance of all your email accounts.