Design Options

Bridgelin offers two design options: Fixed (B1) or Flexible (B2). And you can change between the two of them at any time.

Fixed Design Option (B1)

This Fixed Option makes it possible to have your website up and running in no time at all! It's plug and play easy. You simply go into the Layout Module, upload images into the appropriate areas, like the masthead. You can also choose the page background or specify a colour. Not only will it save you time but it can save you on design costs as well.

If you decide later on that you would like a more elaborate design (B2) -- you can! And without having to change anything. The new design just gets added to your site, like putting on a new suit or dress.

Flexible Design Option (B2)

We recognize that people want their sites to look the way they want them to look. The Flexible Design Option is provided for just that purpose.

Here's where you would work with a web designer who will configure your site to your exact design specifications. There are no limits on what can be done other than imagination.

The template can be changed at any time without any impact on the content or functionality. It is just like changing clothes.

This option now has a mobile friendly version that looks great on your mobile devices including the latest phones.

Click here for examples of Bridgelin websites using the Flexible Design Option.

Design that's totally flexible; a web designer's dream.


Flexible Design Option (B3-D)

We have now introduced a new verions of Bridgline that allows your existing data to be reconfigured within a Drupal framework.  This is B2 n steriods!  manyn new modules are now avaiable including an online storefront.  Contact us for details.