Security and Performance Protocols

The Bridgelin Platform is located in a secure hardware environment.

Our enterprise-grade servers use fault tolerant hardware and are designed for 24/7 operation. They are located in Canada's premiere data centre at 151 Front St in downtown Toronto. This is a climate-controlled, fireproofed, high security facility with direct access to the Internet backbone.

Our servers use the latest industry-standard software for hosting, managing websites and databases and are continually reviewed for security vulnerabilities. The servers are configured to follow industry best-practices for security hardening and protection from hackers. For example: all Bridgelin user passwords are stored using non-reversible encryption.

There are multiple backups, onsite and offsite, of all customer data (with a fully tested disaster recovery plan), ensuring customer data is protected in the unlikely event of a disaster recovery scenario.

Industry-leading monitoring systems continuously test and monitor the status and performance of the servers 24/7, enabling immediate action against any service disruptions.